Issues and Priorities

Public Safety

Public safety is the number one priority. Maintaining a safe community for the families of Johnson County. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsiblity in government, efficiency is needed to maintain a high quality of life.

Quality Libraries

Quality libraries, parks and recreation services, and programs for all citizens is a must.


True Transparency of our county government. Citizens have a right to be informed on what is happening and transparency is a key to keeping us successful.


Working with fellow commissioners as well as partnerships with our cities, businesses, and nonprofits is imperative to finding a workable solution for issues such as mental health, workforce development, affordable housing, and transportation.

Quality of Life

Johnson County is a great place to live, work, and play. Maintaining a high quality of life is critical to the health of our county. Working with the cities in Johnson County to continue to grow safe, vibrant, communities.